I believe that every one of us has a potential of such an extreme magnitude, that we are all unaware of what we are truly capable of. I live every day with the purpose and relentless determination to empower myself and others to discover and manifest their infinite potential.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than to discover and manifest the potential of who I want to become and what I want to create, achieve, and give in this life.

And on the contrary, there is nothing that I fear more than to leave my full potenital undiscovered and untapped.


I am a Co-founder and the CEO at Wisdolia, where we are on a mission to transform anyone into a super learner who can retain and understand anything 10x better and faster. To do this, we're building an AI learning copilot that turns any study material / content into an interactive, personalized, and fun learning experience. We started off by creating a Chrome extension that uses AI to generate flashcards with questions and answers for any article, PDF, or YouTube video. Check out and play around with Wisdolia here.

I'm also the host of a podcast named Inventing The Future, where I interview visionary tech entrepreneurs that are solving the world's biggest problems. Every episode features the story of the guest, what they're building, and the mindsets, tools, & habits that enable them to thrive.


  • I was the Co-founder & CTO at Vize, which is a Glassdoor for factory workers in Mexico. The main goal here was to improve working conditions for factory workers and to lower the insanely high turnover rates that factories experienced (turnover as high as 90-400% of their workforce every year).
  • I was a Software Engineer at Meta (Facebook), LinkedIn, and Goldman Sachs. At LinkedIn, I was on the LinkedIn Learning team and at Meta, I was on three different teams: 1) The Social Learning team (building a learning platform on the Facebook app), 2) The Recruiting Diversity team (increasing the number of diverse candidates that we bring into the recruiting pipeline and leveling the playing field for them), 3) The health team (Health communites & COVID hub).
  • You can find more details on each of this and other professional experiences I have had on my LinkedIn.

Some history

  • Born in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Moved to Medellín, Colombia 1 month after I was born. I lived there for 4 years.
  • At 4, I moved to McAllen, Texas.
  • At 6, I started playing Tennis and played many competitive tournaments.
  • 6-14, I overdosed on video games. My favorites include FIFA, Runescape, World of Warcraft, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 3, and League of Legends.
  • At 13, I was introduced to programming by one of my dad's friends. Together, we built a calculator application for the iPad (for some reason, the iPad did not come with a calculator when it first got released). From this experience, I became fascinated by the challenge of analyzing a situation or process to identify areas for improvement, employing my creativity to develop a software solution, and publishing the software to make it readily available to billions of users worldwide. I realized that programming is not just a tool - it is a platform for enacting meaningful change.
  • At 15, I developed an application named Widgets in Tabs for a school project, which got me featured on the front cover of the local newspaper.
  • At 16, I worked together with The Texas Lyceum and built 3 applications for their quarterly meetings. This was essentially my first job!
  • At 16, I also started an online eBay business where I bought items in bulk from China and resold them on eBay for a profit. I ended up generating over $250k in revenue over 4 years.
  • At 19, I went to my first Tony Robbins seminar: Unleash The Power Within. This seminar changed my life in many ways. The most significant impact came from redefining my vision and purpose in life to extend far beyond myself. I have since been propelled on a journey where I have been experiencing an exponential growth trajectory. At 21, I went to Business Mastery. At 22, I went to Life & Wealth Mastery and Date with Destiny.
  • At 19, I transferred to Texas A&M University to pursue a Computer Science degree.
  • At 20, I became a co-founder and the CTO at Vize, a Glassdoor for low-income workers, where we aimed to improve the working conditions for factory workers and lower turnover rates for factories.
  • At 22, I went on a silent retreat, where I experimented what would happen to The Mind when it became deprived of human interaction and technology for 5 days. You can listen to the reflection of my experience here .
  • At 23, I completed internships with LinkedIn and Facebook as a Software Engineer and decided to accept Facebook's offer. I also graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in computer science and survived COVID!
  • At 24, I fulfilled my dream of living in Silicon Valley when I moved to Palo Alto, California to start my full-time job at Meta (Facebook). I also started Wisdolia in January 2022 and decided to leave my previous startup, Vize, to focus on Wisdolia.
  • At 25, I decided to leave Meta after 9.5 months to go all in on Wisdolia. I loved my job at Meta but in the end, Wisdolia became an obsession and I felt that I was ready to become a full time founder.

I enjoy

  • Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Snowboarding, Ping Pong
  • Professional Interests: Entrepreneurship/Startups, Content Creation, Productivity, Product Management, Leading Others, Exponential Technologies (AI, Web 3, VR/AR, 3D Printing, etc.), Systems Thinking / Creating Systems, Programming, Building a Second Brain, The Future of Education & Learning
  • Mentors: Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Elon Musk, August Bradley, Tim Ferriss, Keith Ferrazzi, Jim Kwik, Wim Hof, Naval Ravikant, Tom Bilyeu, Jordan Peterson, Simon Sinek, David Goggins, Shawn Stevenson, and many more.
  • Personal Growth: Reading, Journaling, Meditation, Daily Ice Baths, Fitness & Health, Learning & Learning How To Learn
  • Podcasts:(The Tim Ferris Show, Moonshots & Mindsets by Peter Diamandis, How I Built This, Impact Theory, Naval, How to Start a Startup, Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik, and others)
  • Music: Anjunadeep, Flume, Fred Again.., Above & Beyond, Ben Böhmer, Marsh, Seven Lions, Mac Miller, Drake, Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma, and so many more.
  • Nature
  • Life
  • Being Present
  • Deep conversations with fascinating people

Fun facts

  • I am a first-generation immigrant from Medellín, Colombia. I visit Medellín every Christmas.
  • I've seen my favorite artist, Above & Beyond, 12 times! Their Anjunadeep label is what I now listen to 95% of the time.
  • I'm currently learning how to DJ!

I dream of

  • Manifesting my infinite potential and empowering others to do the same
  • Inspiring others to do the things that inspire them
  • Inventing the Future
  • Writing many best selling books
  • Creating beautiful electronic music that induces deep states of flow
  • Having a podcast with millions of listeners
  • Becoming a billionaire
  • Creating a legacy that will echo throughout eternity
  • Having a beautiful family
  • Making my dreams a reality