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In January 2021, I launched the Inventing The Future podcast

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What is it?

I highlight the stories & minds of visionary tech entrepreneurs that are solving the world's biggest problems 🚀

Every episode features the story of the guest, what they're building, and the mindsets, tools, & habits that enable them to thrive.

Why did I start it?

  1. "The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest opportunities" - Peter Diamandis. After acquiring this sage wisdom from Peter, I became interested in learning about the world's biggest problem and increasing the awareness of these problems to young entreneurs that want to make a dent in the universe.
  2. There are several great podcast on entrepreneurship (such as How I Built This) but I personally wanted a podcast that 1) focused specifically on tech entrepreneurship and 2) was hosted by someone that was an entrepreneur themselves. I couldn't find a podcast like this so I decided to do it myself!
  3. Super Networking Tool: Having a podcast is a good excuse to talk to incredible people and the people I was most interested in connecting with is tech founders.
  4. Mastering Communication: I came to realize that the ability to community well and ask good questions are two of the most important skills to master in life. Having a podcast is a great way to exercise and nuture these skills. The reason a podcast is such a good tool for improving these skills is because when you are having a conversation with someone, you are so focused on trying to figure out WHAT to say, that you pay little attention to HOW you are saying it. But when you hear back the recording of your own voice, you can pay full attention to HOW you communicated.
  5. Building a Personal Brand: I've learned to value the importance of building a personal brand because everything becomes easier with a better personal brand. Any time you launch something new (product, book, podcast, etc.) the first people that are going to check it out and support you is the people in your personal and professional network. A podcast is a great way to gain an audience and build credibility.


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Other Podcasts I Have Been Featured In...

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  2. Inventing The Future Solo Episode — Telling three stories of the most impactful turning points in my life 1) recognition of my privilege 2) the discovery of my purpose 3) my biggest mistake — Released January, 2022
  3. "The Captain's Lifestyle" with Taylor Morgan — Speaking about the importance of health and vitality to maximize productivity and avoid burnout — Released June, 2021
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